I’m writing this post for the simple reason that I needed to put the word ‘craptastic’ into print. I’ve had it in my head since this morning when I looked out to see rain/snow falling from the sky. I then spent about 20 minutes online scouring the city of Minneapolis for a free toddler open gym on Tuesday mornings, to find that they are in between sessions right now so there was NOTHING going on. That’s when desperation really hit and I decided to haul Ryan to MOA for toddler Tuesdays. Curious George was there shaking hands and taking names. Thankfully we got a good look at CuriousG through the elevator glass, because there was no way I was about to stand in that craptastically long line to meet him. Ryan and I blew into the rotunda, grabbed a fruit snack, and were out of there in a flash. Crowds of mommies+toddlers+strollers= GAAAH. Ryan’s fruit snack was devoured in the time it took me to stroll him from the front of Old Navy to the back, so my only option left was to give in to the tot’s incessant demands of ALLIGATOR! ALLIGATOR!! ALLIGATOR!!! and head on over to the Rainforest Cafe to gaze at the fake animals and fish aquariums. He then ate another snack, and we made two extremely slow laps around the amusement ride area. (Lord help me, he’s going to be one of those kids demanding the rides at the MOA in no time. He was in AWE of them.) Somewhere in between all the noise around the rides, the hoardes of kids and families on spring break, and the stroller traffic jams, I developed a horrible headache, and have sworn off the MOA for at least 3 months.

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So tell me, is the weather craptastic where you are???