Last Thursday I posted this dumb little T/F quiz about my day. I’m finally getting around to posting about it…

1. I ran over the recycling with my car. TRUE

We had an unusually large amount of recycling out by the alley last week. So when I backed the car out of the driveway and did my normal turn radius, I ran over multiple bags of empty glass beer bottles. (The remains of our version of “partying” in our backyard on Ryan’s birthday.) There was smashed glass everywhere. It was not pretty.

2. I did yard work. TRUE

It is very hard for me to just sit idle when I’m outside with Ryan. There are only so many minutes of digging up the same hole in the sandbox that I can handle. AND our yard looks like crAp, so I pulled a bunch of weeds (which have already grown back), dug up some creeping charlie, and threw down some grass seed (which I only watered once, so obvs we can see what the result of that will be).

3. I used reusable cloth shopping bags for the first time ever. TRUE

I’ve been meaning to start using them for a long time now. Finally did for a Target run. I loved them! Now I must get into the habit of returning them to my car so I always have them on hand for shopping trips.

4. I rewarded Ryan with M&Ms for peeing on the potty, opening up a whole new can of worms. TRUE!! TRUE!!!

So the PTing was going nowhere. We had our routine of sitting on the potty at certain times of day, but he’d never go. Finally last Thursday after nap I set him on the pot and he WENT, and I decided right then that I was going to reward him with two M&Ms. DING DING DING!!! WE HAVE A WINNER HERE FOLKS!! He was sooooo excited about his reward. I then put him in underwear, and we headed outside with the potty for the next two hours. He proceeded to pee on the potty SEVEN times in that two hour period. I DO IT ALL FOR THE M&M- totally his new motto. Anyway, I was quite worried that this extrinsic motivator was the only reason he was peeing in the pot. I’ve kept it up for the past six days, and I feel like magic, he now has “learned” how to urinate into the potty. I’ve knocked down the reward from two to one M&Ms, and sometimes if I distract him he doesn’t even remember to ask about the M&M.  I’m thinking that once this bag of M&Ms is gone I might just tell him they’re all gone, and hopefully now that he’s used to the process and routine of peeing on the pot that it will continue. He’s also been staying dry for longer periods of time (his diaper was DRY after we got home yesterday from our 2.5 hour car ride). I don’t want to get overly-excited about this because I know things are often one step forward, two steps back, but I’m so happy that I found something that worked to get the ball rolling in the PT department. We’ll see where it leads from here…

5. I made it through the day without eating ice cream. FALSE

I think I had a little scoop of ice cream at about 10:30pm that night.