What kind of seat do you get your kid when he’s done using a high chair? Ryan’s still in the high chair but I feel like we’re closing in on the time when he’s ready to join us at the table on a regular chair. I’ve looked at Target and I think Babies R Us, but haven’t really found anything other than those infant seats/boosters that you can attach a tray to.  I’ve also not put much effort into finding something- it’s not like this is an urgent need or anything. I’ll hit up google next, but I thought I’d start here. Do you own a booster seat? Where did you buy it? Do you like it? Oh yeah, I also had the brilliant idea of using the Bumbo as a booster seat (Ryan loves that thing now more than he did at the age of 4 months), but then I remembered all the DANGER ALERTS about how unsafe the Bumbo is. But really, would that be any more dangerous than sitting in a booster seat on a chair?

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Ryan has developed a total aversion to having sand of any quantity inside of his footwear. I made the mistake one day of putting him in his fakeCrocs to play at the park, and he took one step into the sand and started whining and complaining that there was sand in his shoe. He wanted me to remove his shoes and clean them out literally every 30 seconds. Finally I just removed the fakeCrocs and let him go barefoot, which he had absolutely no problem with. (I however have a problem with him going barefoot at the parks where often cigarette butts and goose poop and other questionable refuse can be found.) So I’ve been putting his socks and shoes on him for park play. But I keep thinking that will get so hot, and wouldn’t he rather wear sandals of some kind? And he even gets bothered with a grain of sand inside his tennis shoes, although not nearly as much as with the fakeCrocs. Anyhoo…my question. Does anyone else’s kid have an aversion to getting sand in their shoes?? Do they outgrow it? Is there any way to aid them in getting over this little OCD issue?  Last year Ryan wore his realCrocs 24/7, and had no problem with bothersome sand. I want to buy him a pair of sandals or summery shoes, but dude, so not going to spend the money on it if he won’t even wear them.