It seems Ryan and cousin Max have developed a strong liking for watching home videos of themselves and each other via the internet. So, I made sure to take some video this past Memorial Day weekend while we hung out at the cabin. This is sure to provide hours of non-stop entertainment.

{please note:  although it may seem otherwise, no young children were harmed during the filming of this video}
{also note: FatJ’s really stellar-looking cabin hair! And that pair of accident-prone undies hanging out to dry!}

We had a great weekend at the cabin. Grandpa Bob and Grandma Karen were only there for a little while on Friday because they took off the next day for Alaska. On Saturday we were joined by Tom, Kim, and Max (and Tor), and loads of fun ensued!! The boys spent most of their time digging up gravel along the shoreline and throwing rocks into the water. And mixing up rock soup in a big bowl. We took a pontoon ride, throughout which Ryan threw one giant temper tantrum because he expected to be at the boat’s helm ALONE at all times. Aside from that, and the potty training, and the constant reminding to NODON’TTHROWTHAT!! DON’TSPILLTHAT!! BECAREFUL!! HOLDMOM’SHANDONTHEDOCK!!, I did find a weekend at the cabin with a two year old slightly more relaxing than last summer’s weekends at the cabin with a one year old. We’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting for cuzzies Ry and Max to interact with one another, and I think we can officially say that they’ve accomplished that! Their interactions are mainly based upon imitating and copying one another in actions and words, which is hilarious. Probably the cutest thing they do is give one another a hug (otherwise known as the ‘fall-down game’) and then one of them tries to push the other over mid-hug. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of that, but here are a few from the weekend.


I couldn’t get my kid to sit still for a picture to save his life, but Max was more than happy to pose.


And this is what you get when you ask them to hug and one is sitting and the other is standing.


Ryan’s first canoe ride- he loved it!!


This was for sure one of the highlight moments of the weekend. Grandma Karen is a former teacher, and has recently stocked the cabin with some old school-days castoffs such as this big book entitled “A Beaver Tale.” Uh huh. Yup. Right. (I know all you SPPS teachers out there have at least seen this one at some time or another, right?!) This here is a picture of FatJ doing a dramatic reading of “A Beaver Tale” during pre-nap storytime.


Here we have Cap’n Ryan being allowed to drive the boat with no supervision whatsoever.


And how cute is THIS picture?? One little man helping his dada carry firewood over to the bonfire pit. We had a bonfire right after dinner Saturday night. Boys+campfire=love. And add smores in there and it equals super duper love.