I’ve always thought it would be fun to do a Photo-A-Day/Project 365 type of thing. Thankfully I know myself well enough to know that however well-intentioned I was to actually take one picture every day of the year and post it online, something would inevitably get in the way of that happening, and I’d slack on it, and three months would pass without a new picture. But, I think I can successfully commit to three months (give or take) of a photo-a-day project, and what better time to actually have motivation to take a pic each and every day than in the summertime!!

So, a new page is up on the ‘ol bloggio here- Foto del Dia- Summer 2009. I needed to keep a little Spanish flair on the name of the page since I took down the Recuerdos de Espana page– I felt like I was disappointing many a latino who were legitimately googling in search of Spanish souvenirs, and then coming upon my FatJnonsenseblog. So I named it Foto del Dia– because anything in Spanish brings on the nostalgia- and not because I’m focusing on Latino photography or anything:) I’ll try to have some of the pictures be of something other than my kid, but we’ll see how that goes.