Today my SIL Katie returned the bassinet that she had borrowed when my little nephew Brady was born. {Actually the bassinet has held two babies since we used it for Ryan- little Luke used it too!} Anyway, today the bassinet was returned to our possession, and as with anything ‘new’, Ryan developed an instant obsession with the thing. He crawled right on in and laid down with his baba, and then he said “Brady come in too?!” So in Brady went, and here they are, two cuzzies in a bassinet. This is what it looks like when a 26-month-old and a 5-month-old cram into something meant for one 7-day-old:


I told Ry he was going to take his nap in here today, tee hee.


And a little flashback…this was he then, at 12 days old. {There is no way he was EVER this small, is there??}