…we had just returned from three weeks in Spain and Italy.

Anne & catedral from pinar

…and we had just sold a house and were about to move into a new house.

…and my little bro was just about to get married.

…and I would soon be starting my first official year of teaching.

The summer of ’04 was a big one for us!! And here we are today, five years beyond 2004 (how can it REALLY have been five years since all that?!), and we are now today celebrating NINE years of marriage. NINE. NINE. That is a long time.

I had to do some heavy arm twisting on FatJ to agree to a dinner out tonight, because ya know, Wednesdays are softball nights, and gosh forbid he MISS a game. [I’m sorry Team Yep. Oh wait, no I’m not.]

Happy Anniversary, darling!!!