This post is no longer timely, so here are some pictures and that’ll be that.

On the 4th of July, at the cabin, we possessed a total of two patriotic-looking things:

1. This windsock.


2. Ryan. Whom I dressed up as a flag in a red/white striped shirt and blue shorts. And then he wore a blue and white life jacket that he refused to take off long after the boat ride had ended. And then he ate a blue popsicle.




Here’s the thing about Ryan and the cabin: he loves it. LOVES it. If you ask him what he wants to do at the cabin he says “throw rocks.” He loves to be at the shoreline, tossing rocks into the lake and stirring up mud pies. Then he lists off all the pretend ingredients that go into his mud pie/rock soup concoctions. Things like asparagus and pasta. And crayfish, because last time we found one and tossed him into the soup bowl. Ryan’s second favorite thing to do at the cabin is drive the boat. The boat can be docked or moving, but Ryan must be at the helm. He likes to order people OUT of the driver’s seat, and does not like any assistance in steering the boat. Finally, Ryan likes to walk through the woods to get to the river. Probably a 10 minute walk there- tops- and the dude talks (loudly!) the e-n-t-i-r-e way. His chatter goes something like this Mama is? Grandpa Bob is?? Dere’s a boken off tree!! Uh-oh, look at dat big hole over dere! Don’t fall in hole! Dukey doing? Grandma doing? Dukey jump over tree? Ryan crawl over tree? Grandma Karen coming over tree too?? Grandpa Bob doing? Grandpa Bob doing? Grandpa Bob doing?? RIVER IS? RIVER IS?? MAMA IS?? MAMA IS?? Dada walk too? Ryan throw rocks in the river?? Basically, there’s really no hope for seeing any wildlife on one of these nature strolls. {unless it’s a wood tick of course. Deer tick to be exact. Rumor has is a certain Grandpa Bob has recovered nicely from his bout with Lyme’s.}


More pictures…

blue flag

indian paintbrush (oopsie, not PC!)


Now, if I ask him to look at the camera and smile, this is the face he makes



that’s me there, fjording the river. Just like in Oregon Trail. Only this is MN, not Oregon.