For awhile now, Ryan has become more and more obsessed with being the ‘driver’ of our cars. He wants to climb into the driver’s seat and play around with the steering wheel and pretend he’s driving to Mexico. If we pass parked cars on the street, he wants me to pick him up so he can peer in and see the steering wheels of the cars. And a few weeks ago when we docked the boat in a shallow part of the river at the cabin, he was obsessed with me taking him over to another docked boat so he could see that boat’s steering wheel. So steering wheels are where it’s at right now for Ryan. The super-best is when we’re getting in the car to go somewhere and he throws a tantrum because he has to sit in his car seat instead of drive the car in the front seat.

He’s been all into steering wheels for quite awhile now; so much so that last Christmas I had looked into purchasing some type of toy steering wheel as a Christmas gift. I never really found anything I liked though, so I just forgot about that toy and figured he could get his steering wheel fix from the large metal ones that are sometimes installed at playgrounds, or the steering wheel of his Cozy Coupe, or the occasional front seat sit while our car is in the garage.

Well lately his love of steering wheels has increased exponentially, so I decided to take the $10 Target gift card that we received from participating in that language study and buy Ryan some sort of steering wheel toy at Target. Of all the toys at Target, there were only two that were steering-wheel related: this race car driver toy that was on “clearance” for $24.99 and came with an obnoxious NASCAR-esque driver’s helmet; and this Learn and Discover Driver toy for 6+month olds (also obnoxious, I might add). The gift card was only covering $10 of this toy purchase, so I went with the second option- the baby toy! I’m hoping Ryan stays true to himself and loses interest in this new toy after a couple days, because this thing is a-nnoying with a capital A. It is very loud and musical and shouts out phrases like “I’M OUTTA GAS!” and “SLOW DOWN LITTLE BUDDY!” and “WATCH OUT!”

So far he loves it. It’s going to be a long drive up north this weekend…