Since today was officially the first day of Autumn 2009, I snapped my last picture yesterday for my attempt at a photo-a-day project. I really wanted to take at least one picture each and every day of the summer, but as you can see if you click on over to the page, I flat-out failed at that. Many days it didn’t even cross my mind to bring out the camera; other days were so uneventful and uninteresting that I had no motivation to take out the camera; and yet other days I thought about taking it out, but just never bothered to do so. As you can see, I have many FAIL!! days that are absent of a photograph. I could have filled them all up with random pictures from anytime during the summer, but that wasn’t the point of my photo-a-day…I was actually intending to take one picture each day. Oh well. What did I learn from this?? I could never keep this up for a full year. Oh, and I also learned it’s so much easier to tote around a point and shoot camera to toddler activities than it is the bulkier SLR. Another one of my goals was to use the SLR lots and lots, but I’d say probably 50% of my images on the photo-a-day are from the P&S. Oh well.

I was going to pick just one fave, but I couldn’t. So here are three of my favorites from the summer. To see the rest, look here.