I don’t mean to complain. But I’m going to anyway. If one can’t complain on her very own personal blog, where can she???

I am very tired of this disgusting weather we’ve been having. It is dark and dreary and depressing. And cold. I hate being cold. My child is the very active type who adores outdoor gross motor activities, and when we spend our mornings sitting around the house or doing the most boring errand under the sun clouds as our day’s event, it makes for a very restless kid…

…on the other hand, *I* would like nothing more than to spend every morning lounging around in my pajamas and glasses while drinking some caffeine-free herbal tea and reading the newspaper. I would LOVE to do NOTHING lots of mornings. But his activity level requires it, so I search something out…

…and then fits are thrown because he DOESN’T WANT TO LEAVE THE HOUSE. what?

Remember this post?? Two point fiver possessed by a demon? That has not subsided. Some days I think the tantrums may have lessened, but overall things are entirely out of whack with the Ry. He’s whiney. He wants to snuggle anytime I don’t have all attention paid to him. He antagonizes the dog. He throws food off his plate if I tell him he can’t have more cheese. He all-out refuses to go anywhere near the potty. PT is over. I guess maybe I’ll begin again at the age of three, at that magic moment when my kid will miraculously one day announce he wants to use the potty. Whatevs. He’s not napping…at least not most days. Today I put him to bed at 1:15 and at 2:50 he fell asleep. He’s waking up at night- talking and shouting out in his sleep, and waking up unusually early. Basically, this child-o-mine is driving me relatively insane on a regular basis. And I feel guilty about that, because I know part of it’s me. I’m tired, I’m cranky, I’m impatient. And part of it’s him, that he’s going through some kind of weird developmental growth spurt phase, and I should give him the benefit of the doubt and just deal with it.

And then there’s the pregnant thing. Ugh, what a state. Just when I thought I was feeling better I got hit this week with a migraine, nausea, dizzyness, tension headache, quesiness…you name it. And there are no breaks. The teens I had babysitting in the summer are now too busy to continue with that. Ryan doesn’t go to preschool (it’s being looked into though, you bet it is!). We have a total of ONE activity per week that regularly occurs for us. The days get long. The days get monotonous. The days get BORING. I look forward to dada’s arrival in the evening, but then Glorious Demon Child goes into his  I HATE DADA song and dance and the reprieve is short and not that enjoyable.

Okay, done. Aaaaaaaah, feels better. Kinda like a virtual Calgon has taken me away.

*                               *                              *

Let’s end with some fun thoughts, shall we?

I get to go out to dinner tonight!

The Chinese gender prediction calendar says I’m having a girl! (I don’t buy it. These things are bogus- hi Jen I!)

This boy is cute.