Heather posted this on her blog today, and since I have no motivation to actually do anything productive right now, I’m going to do this!

Outside my window… it is cloudy, and gray, and cold.

I am thinking… it would really be nice if this boy of mine would just take a nap in preparation for this afternoon’s and evening’s activities.

I am thankful for… this purple quilt that my grandma made that’s keeping me cozy and warm right now. And that everyone in my family is healthy.

In my kitchen… there are bare, empty countertops that will remain that way all day because I don’t have to cook dinner tonight!

I am wearing… the largest pair of “normal” jeans that I own (unbuttoned), a long sleeve T, and a hoodie.

I am creating… a new life. (How cheesy is that?!!). I’m not creating anything else- I’m not creative.

I am going… to Mankato this afternoon.

I am reading… The Emotional Life of the Toddler

I am hoping… that I never get the swine flu.

I am hearing… Ryan making noises in his crib.

Around the house… are scattered piles of stuff.

One of my favorite things right now… the couch. And heat. And rest. (ooops that was three things).

A few plans for the weekend… is it possible we have nothing planned? Maybe a trip to an orchard/pumpkin patch. Oh, and some mommy alone time.

A picture to share…I like to call this one “glee!!”