We saved our pumpkin carving for the morning of the big day. We had done some hyping of the whole carving experience to Ryan, and I think he was excited about it. So it was a pretty large bummer when FatJ went out into the garage to fetch our pumpkin-patch pumpkin, and the thing basically disintegrated in his hands (and all over the garage floor) in a rotten, stanky mess. We made the mistake of letting Ryan see the destroyed pumpkin, and he wailed the most tormented wail I’ve heard in awhile. He was very devastated and heartbroken that his pumpkin was ruined, and sobbed and sobbed for a good 3 minutes.

Alas, SuperDad saved the day in an impromptu run to Kowalski’s where he picked up a huge pumpkin that was the only one left of the five for sale that was able to stand upright. We got to carving right away.

FatJ wielded the knife…he hasn’t carved in years but this year claimed he needed to be ‘manly’ for his son, and carve the pumpkin (?).


Ryan was wary of the guts at first. He warms up to new things quickly, though, and soon enough grabbed a scoop and started gutting.


We all got into the action…



Look at this, I’m in some pictures! We’re looking very ‘Saturday grunge’ on this Halloween…



The final product. Ryan’s still talking about it…