**I’m hosting a guest blogger today. It’s my friend Jen- she’s a mom of two girls, ages 2.5 and 7 months- and she and her husband are in disagreement about trying to avoid getting sick by keeping her toddler out of preschool. She wrote the following, and is looking for other parents’ opinions.**

Jen says…

I am taking a poll… some of you are pregnant but all of you are moms, and I would like your honest opinion on this subject.  Please let me know what YOU would do.  H1N1… the topic of the hour. :)

* Sophia goes to pre-school.  School that is not really “school” yet, more of an activity 2x per week, 9:00-12:00.  There has been 1 confirmed case of H1N1 in that room, as of last week.  We were not given any more info on who or when they had it.  For about 3 weeks Sophia’s been battling a nasty virus but she’s been okay’d by the doctor for anything serious (pneumonia or H1N1).  As probably everyone knows, the vaccine isn’t available in many places for non-pre-existing condition kids.  SO, do you send her back and practice good hygiene, etc., etc.?  OR would you keep your kid home until you have the vaccine, which would be another 2-4 weeks most likely?  Keep in mind that this is not daycare (mom is home).
Please don’t think I’m a crazy person… there is a reason why I’m doing this.  Fill you in more later. [Anne here! She’s doing this because she and her spouse disagree on what to do!] Please let me know what you would do (or maybe you are even in the same situation)?
Thanks a million!!
Jen emailed this out to a bunch of people the other day, and I thought it would make a good tft. I replied to her original email…I’ll start off the comments with my response to her.