My bro is a dork. He posted these 10 questions on his blog the other day. I’m answering them here to use up a day of blogging.

1). Would you commit perjury in court to save a friend or family member?
Right here and now I’d say oh heavens no I would never do such a thing, but faced with the actual situation…I quite possibly would. Totally depends on the scenario, what the person was on trial for, and who the friend/family member was though.
2). If your wife was a photographer, and she had a passion for it, greatly enjoyed taking pictures, and it was her most beloved hobby, yet you thought her pictures really sucked, would you tell her, or just keep your thoughts to yourself?
Um, I would probably keep my thoughts to myself about my wife’s sucky pictures. I mean, if photography was her hobby and she got lots of enjoyment out of it, I would not want to burst her bubble and risk spousal retaliation (or worse- I mean, I’ve never had a wife. But I hear they can get pretty vicious at times?). Now, let’s say the wife-who-takes-bad-pictures was going to empty our savings account and open up her own photography business…well then I’d probably step in to tell her that her pictures really sucked.
3). In what room would you be most comfortable…
ROOM A – Filled with 10 puffy vest wearing soccer moms
ROOM B – Filled with 10 Project Runway watching soccer moms
ROOM C – Filled with 10 baseball hating soccer moms
I guess I’d be most comfortable in room A. Unlike my brother, I don’t have any aversions to puffy vests. I even OWN one, so I guess I’d fit right in with the other 10 moms, although I’m not a soccer mom so that could cause some discord.
4). Who is your all time favorite Minnesota Twin?
Kirby Puckett
With Johan Santana as a distant (yet hotter) second.
5). What is the dumbest question you have ever been asked in an interivew?
I don’t remember ever getting asked any really stupid questions, but I do recall during on-campus interviews in college there were some people who got asked “If you were a pizza topping, what would you be?”
6). What do you dread more, a trip to the dentist or a trip to the doctor?
7). Do you honestly think blondes are dumb?
8). At the start of the 30 day shred I weighed 176 lbs, how much do you think I will weigh when I am done with 30 days of shredding?
172 lbs.
9). What is the most likely scenario that will bring the end of human existence on the planet earth?
An invasion of puffy-vest wearing soccer mom aliens.
10). Was there a better song in 2009 than Beyonce’s Single Ladies?