I don’t even have anything to put into bullet points. Aye, this daily blogging…

  • My living room looks like a daycare center. I don’t even bother picking it up anymore. Ryan’s in a “I like to take the toy basket and dump out its entire contents and roll around in it” phase.
  • And he’s presently napping!! A miracle in and of itself. This must be a bonus gift to me from the cold that he has.
  • Office/guest room/Ryan’s room renovation update: FatJ purchased a new computer over the weekend. We are now a Mac family. And a PC family…we’re both. The Mac will reside in the freezing cold dungeon-like spider infested basement, while the PC will reside on my lap on the cozy couch in the warm living room underneath a snuggly blanket. I started attacking the junk that lives in our now-office’s closet. The now-office/future room of Ryan actually has TWO closets that we have been throwing miscellaneous crap into for the past five years. Old computer equipment, cell phone boxes, my teaching materials, photo albums…you name it, it’s in there. I about cried the other day pondering the daunting task of emptying out those two closets and figuring out where all the stuff will go. There’s only so much that can get thrown away you know. Once that crap is all out of the closets, FatJ will set to the task of stripping the nasty wallpaper from the closets (who wallpapers closets??) and refinishing the walls and repainting. I start to have palpitations just thinking about how much needs to get done.
  • We have our ‘big’ ultrasound this Friday!! I’m very excited to see that little bugger who’s just recently started to kick me. Sorry to disappoint, but we will not be finding out the gender. My mother will deny saying this, but when I told her about a month back that we had this ultrasound scheduled, she said “oh…well that won’t really be that big of a deal since you’re not even finding out if it’s a boy or a girl.” Uh huh, riiiiiiiiight. We’ll just be finding out if our baby has a four-chambered heart and a brain and all that, not so much of a big deal at all.
  • My parents are coming down tomorrow to spend a few days. The Ry Guy is NOT allowed to come in for the ultrasound appointment, and we don’t really have any babysitters that are available during a work day, so the parentals are kind enough to come down here and stay with Ryan while FatJ and I attend the ultrasound and MD appointment. It will be so wonderful to have other people in this house to distract and play with Ryan!
  • Let’s end with a funny Ryan quote. Today we were reading a new Thanksgiving book from Grandma. The Thanksgiving book mentions God a few times. On the last page is a picture of a family sitting around a big Thanksgiving dinner table, thanking God for all that they have. I told Ryan that next week at Grandma Karen’s house we’ll sit around the table with a big turkey and lots of food and Max will be there and it will be Thanksgiving! And then Ryan asks “God will be sitting there too?” Hahahaha.
  • Yay, Glee! Tonight!