My brother thought the following story should have been included in yesterday’s post. So here it is. (Told in normal voice, rather than talking-to-a-two-year-old voice).

Back in January of 2007 FatJ and I and Tom and Kim went on a vacation to an Iberostar resort in Mexico. We had a fabulous, wonderful time…sort of a last hurrah before parenthood hit (Kim and I were pregnant with Max and Ryan, respectively). Anyway, one of the highlights of this trip was the day that Tom and FatJ entered a horseshoe contest on the beach, sponsored by the resort’s entertainment crew, the Star Friends. As the horseshoe contest progressed, it was apparent that FatJ was easily kicking the arses of Tom and all of the other players in the contest. I’m not sure where FatJ’s sudden horseshoe prowess came from (could it be the glass upon glass of Corona?) but the Europeans in speedos were in awe of FatJ’s incredible horseshoe ability. Emil (or Lars, or Hans, or Brutus- whatever his name was), the muscleman Bulgarian over-zealous Star Friend who led the contest, did a really great job of getting the audience riled up over the game; Kim and I were just about peeing our pants (literally- we had to go like every five minutes) with excitement just watching FatJ’s imminent victory go down right there on the white sands of the Yucatan peninsula. Finally, after much hand-wringing and nail-biting from the crowd, El Pat was crowned the All Time Greatest Horseshoe Champion in the History of the Iberostar Resorts!!!! It was a proud moment for us. He actually had Europeans in speedos coming up to him inquiring about his technique and commenting that he must REALLY be some sort of horseshoe pro back in the U.S. To which FatJ responded, “nah, I’m just a mediocre player back in the U.S.” Because the U.S. is so known for it’s great horseshoe players.

Now, the fun didn’t stop there. Later that night during the Star Friends evening entertainment, FatJ was called up on stage to receive his first place medal and award certificate for being numero uno in the Iberostar Horseshoe Contest. And that, THAT, my friends, was probably one of the funniest things I’ve ever witnessed in my life.

Fotos: El Pat, campeon de los horseshoes Iberostaricos:

That’s FatJ in the middle there, in the light blue button down shirt. Between two turquiose silk-shirt wearing star friends.

There he is again, posing with the other winners of that day’s various contests.

Here they are all doing “We are the Champions”

Post-ceremony, celebrating in the bar

Mexican Flag shots

My brother, after doing a Mexican Flag shot

the four of us