The day started with a little daddy/son time watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade…

…and continued with a little FatJ-in-apron holding the boys to show them the turkey pre-carve.

After the fine meal was eaten, there came some pie-eating (I don’t know about you, but I didn’t like pie till I was about 18 years old. These two year olds seemed to love it though.) (Kim has a way better picture of the boys eating pie in this post.)

After a stint of attempting to get the children to nap, and being unsuccessful, they decided to play a little baseball down the hall. This here is Max sending out the perfect pitch to Ryan. It’s hard to see here, but Ryan’s just standing there with his glove down, while Grandpa prepares to catch the ball. {Ry has a few things to learn about baseball.}

Ryan spent some quality time with his newest cuzzie.


Then last night we went on a family outing to Duluth’s Polar Express train ride/dramatic reading of the book of the same name. We hopped on a Christmas-decorated train and rode it to the train depot, where we all gathered to hear the story read aloud. The kiddies received a magical Polar Express bell, and had a chance to meet Santa. We were last in line to sit on Santa’s lap, and boarding had already begun for the return train trip, so Mr. Santa kind of rushed the last couple kids through. Ryan didn’t get to sit on his lap, but he went right up to him and answered his questions. Beforehand, Ryan asked FatJ and I this: “what does Ryan want from Santa??? What will Ryan get??” and so we were able to coach him with the words “a train, Ryan, a train!!!” Which is going to work out perfectly since a train set is just what happened to fly into our Target cart earlier that morning as Ryan’s Santa gift.

Here he is, talking to Santa.


And finally, here Ryan and I are with Grandpa Bob, getting our up nort on.


We had a great Thanksgiving!!