[The online photog workshop that I’m starting next week could not come at a better time. All the pictures I took over Christmas are craptastical. Hopefully the class will be a great motivator!]

Photos of our Christmases 2009

Our time in Duluth started much like this on Wednesday afternoon, and ended much the same late Saturday morning.

Ry frosted some more cookies (and wore a dorky doll apron that my mom pulled out)

MMmmmmm coooooookies

My two dudes, xmas eve

the one and only family picture we took

Ry and Max…these two were crazies on xmas eve. They played “hide the sweet potato.”

The next day, we were snowed in. We did not make it back to Mpls for the J family Christmas. So on Christmas Day…

…Ryan played trains with Grandma

…FatJ read an entire novel

…I wore sweat pants all day and took a nap. And my father did more snow removal.

We made it back to Mpls on Saturday, and had the J family Christmas on Sunday. I took next to zero photos of this event.

Here’s one of cute Brady

And story time with Auntie Ann

Ryan was gifted a ‘june’ buggy

and a huge, noisy excavator

(Have I mentioned my house looks like Toys R Us got the stomach flu and blew chunks all over it??)

So, there you have our holidays in a nutshell. Many fun times were had by all!