On New Year’s Eve FatJ and I were heading out to dinner and a movie with friends, so I decided we’d do a little toast to the New Year with Ryan at 5:00pm before we left. He was with me in the grocery store when we bought the bottle of sparkling apple juice, and I really hyped up the ‘special drink’ in the fancy glasses that he’d get to have before we left. So I poured the bubbly and said we’d be counting backwards from 10 and he yelled out NO NO NO COUNTING!!! (typical) but we did it anyway- with Grandpa Jer and Grandma Mar nonetheless- and the dude thought it was pretty cool, and then he proceeded to chug three champagne flutes full of sparkling apple juice, followed by another flute full of milk. He does nothing halfway, this one.

Happy New Year!! Here’s to 2010…a year you just know will be good because it contains the most-excellent #10!