Feliz Friday!! I hope you’re having a great one!! Here are some of my thoughts for today…

  • Wish wish WISH I could have some WINE with that WHINE. I could really benefit from being able to drink heavily right about now.
  • Our garage door is non-functional. The car is INSIDE the garage. We’ve been stuck at home all day.
  • Our kitchen faucet is barely functional.
  • Some rusty pipe from our bathtub is leaking into the basement onto the guest bed. This, in addition to the  previous statement, is going to cause me to call the plumber very soon. I do heart my plumber, but don’t really need the hassle or expense of plumbing work right now.
  • I want to put together Ry’s big boy bed. But, don’t think I have the stomach muscles to do it myself. So there it sits.
  • I also want to: paint a closet, do a zillion loads of laundry, clean bathrooms, put random crap away, and clean up our living room. BUT…
  • Mr. Demanding would prefer that I play Candy Land, playdoh, tball, Memory, car garage….
  • I called my dad this morning and invited him over to fix our garage door and put together the big boy bed. He declined the invitation.
  • Oh! And so my belly?? That I thought was growing enormous? It appears I’m measuring two weeks behind my due date, which is no shocker because I always measured small with Ryan. Which means I’ll probably have another ultrasound at the next visit. Anything for them to eek out another expensive medical scan, right??
  • The child is screaming my name. He doesn’t nap anymore, have I mentioned that? He enters his crib at 1:30pm along with 12,397 stuffed animals, and then proceeds to sing songs, arrange animal gangs, and bang furniture around instead of nap. Thus…
  • I’m worried about the advent of the big boy bed. Nothing to keep him contained. LORD HELP ME.
  • And that brings us back to the whine. And wine. I need some.

P.S. Two weeks till Mexico, yo. [AND I HAVE TO IMBIBE VIRGIN DAQUIRIS]