• I can’t believe I’m less than a month away from having a three year old. I can’t believe I’ve been mothering this little boy of mine everyday for the past THREE years. His latest sayings are “HEY MOMMY!!!!” (about a million times a day), “and stuff like that”, “would that be a good idea?”, and “when Ryan gets big” blah blah blah will happen.
  • Have I mentioned here before that I am not the only pregnant person in our household? Ryan is also pregnant. He loves to lift up his shirt and show off his “big belly” and explain how the baby is kicking him all over in there. One day he was jamming out to some music in the living room and he came running into the kitchen holding his gut saying “Mama!! I can’t really dance very fast out there because of this baby in my belly. If I dance too fast he kicks me too much, and I might fall over on the floor.”
  • Ryan’s been talking a lot lately about what the baby will do once he (always a he) comes out. Baby will drink cranberry juice. Baby will hold Ryan’s hand. Baby will like Ryan’s music. Baby will cry. And the best one- Ryan will share his ‘dot baba’ with Baby. Awwwwww.
  • I just got a new book, and am so excited to read it!! My goal is to finish reading it before this baby arrives. The Barnes and Noble check out gal was optimistic that I would succeed. I’m not so sure though, given that my only reading time is about 10 minutes before bed.
  • I need to get a pedicure. I told that to FatJ and he said WHY would you need to get a pedicure RIGHT NOW? And I said DOY, so when I’m in labor and stripped of all my dignity I can at LEAST have nice looking toenails. Am I right, or am I right??
  • Speaking of having the baby… my MD told me that they always suggest to women from 36 weeks onward that they remain “close to home” just in case labor begins. I had mentioned that I may travel to Duluth for a couple days during week 36 or 37. The MD simply suggested I check with my insurance to be sure labor/delivery would be covered at a Duluth hospital. Anyway, today I called the insurance to confirm my coverage, and the lady I talked to was a total dingbat. She says “sooooooo, you’re 36 weeks pregnant. How many weeks does that mean you have left to go?” Really? Shouldn’t insurance lady know that?? Then she says, “are you traveling to Duluth SO THAT you can deliver your baby there??” Um. No. That would be a NEGATIVE. Purpose of the journey would not be to deliver a baby, but rather to visit the parentals for a couple days. [[[[And then we have FatJ’s worries: DO NOT have that baby in Duluth!! You know I wouldn’t make it there in time, and do you really want your MOM to be your labor coach? Answer: No. Not that you wouldn’t make a wonderful labor coach, mother, but no, that wouldn’t be an ideal scenario.]]]]
  • I think I’m in the throes of cyber-nesting. I have a bunch of old blog posts that I wrote before I used this WordPress blog, and I’ve been meaning to import them onto this blog so everything’s in the same place. The old stuff is mainly from 2007, leading up to Ryan’s birth. Last night and tonight I published a bunch of them (sorry if they show up in your reader), and I just have to point out a few. One funny one- my second grade students gave me pregnancy advice. Ryan’s birth announcement. And, a funny middle of the night occurrence with a newborn.