Sam is four weeks old today. I’m not sure where the past four weeks have gone- they seem to have passed in a blur. I’m super behind in blogging. Ryan turned three a week and a half ago, and I have yet to upload any pictures from his birthday party and actual birthday. I need to do a “Ryan at Three” post. And I need to finish my birth story post. And then there are pictures of the 4 week old… There’s just not time for any of this, especially when said 4 week old REFUSES TO BE PUT DOWN at any point in the day. He also won’t sleep unless held. Couple that with the 3 year old that NEEDS mommy every moment of the day and, well… not much gets done around here these days.

Some updates on our family of four, four weeks in…

Sam: He’s getting bigger by the minute, outgrowing the newborn clothes and filling out nicely. He is INSANE about nursing and sucking on a pacifier. He’s long outgrown the newborn honeymoon period of sleeping all the time anywhere. The past few days he’s been pretty screamy, refusing to be put down, and absolutely refusing to sleep during the day unless he’s held. He hates the bouncy seat, hates the swing, and hates the car seat unless it’s moving. He is a super noisy baby- we’ve nicknamed him “the goose” because he makes honking goose noises when he’s asleep and when he’s eating. He hates baths. He continues to pee on me daily. And he still has a bad case of baby acne.

Ryan: Is now a big three year old, and has been giving us a RUN for our MONEY since he’s become a big brother. Whoa boy, does this kid know how to throw a tantrum. He’s exhibited some regressions since his bro was born… lots of refusing to use the potty and bathroom accidents, lots of refusing to eat much of any food, lots of refusing to listen to ANYTHING that a parent tells him. I get that he’s going through a big life change here, but holy crap, there are times when things with him are out. of. control. He’s gone above and beyond being a mama’s boy to needing to be with me/playing with me/snuggling me every moment of every day. The weekends are bad because daddy tries to play with Ryan and take Ryan places and participate in some of the Ryan-parenting, but Ry will have NONE of it. NONE. Instead of heading off on a bike ride to the park with daddy?? Ryan would rather sit in the stanky house staring at the same walls with mama for the 8th straight hour.

He seems to really like Sam, but also gets annoyed and jealous when I’ve been holding/feeding/diapering Sam for too long. He likes to touch Sam and get in his face- and by ‘touch’ I mean whack him in the head or smash into his legs or give him a HIGH FIVE. He likes to help with Sam’s bath, and thinks it’s really crazy that Sam’s poop looks like yellow mustard.

Me: I’m tired. I sort of feel like I’ve been living in a hole the past month. I’ve also been suffering from a wicked sore throat for about a week and a half now, which I’m sure I’m not getting over because I never get enough sleep. And yesterday my body erupted in hives for no apparent reason, so now I’m an itching and scratching machine. But I’m enjoying my two boys, and am so thankful for mostly nice spring weather so we can be out and about.

FatJ: Continues to sleep through any and all middle of the night baby screaming unless I kick/tap/shout to wake him up. Resident baby holder in the evenings so I can do mountains of laundry and, ahem, blog.