Okay, wow. I really need to finish blogging this whole birth story business.

Where did we leave off?? Ah yes, little Samuel was born. Well right after he was born the staff from the NICU checked him over because he had decided to poop in utero as he was making his way out. All was well with that, so after a quick check they wrapped him up and handed him to me for some snuggling. I have some ghastly photos of myself in that moment, photos that will NOT be shared on this blog. But it was a sweet moment when I gave the little man some kisses and snuggles. A little later he was unwrapped and we had some skin on skin snuggle time, and he started nursing immediately (and basically hasn’t stopped since.)

All in all, everything post-birth was very relaxed and non stressful, compared to the c-section I had with Ryan. This time around most everyone cleared out of the room in a hurry. We were able to be alone with our little guy, with just one nurse in and out a few times to check on us and make sure we had everything we needed. We made a bunch of phone calls, laughed about my outbursts while in labor, and just really enjoyed the time together as we waited to be moved to a room on the maternity floor. And me?? I felt great! Yeah, I was really tired from the labor part, but I felt like a normal person (albeit, hopped up on adrenaline from what I had just accomplished!). I had energy and an appetite and was able to use the bathroom right away, unlike Ryan’s c-section where I was drugged out on meds and puking and couldn’t use the bathroom for another day or two. I really appreciated being able to hold and snuggle the baby right away. The nurses were in no hurry to bathe him and do their other nursely things. With Ryan I was separated from him for a long time while I was in recovery and they were cleaning the baby up.

Some things that surprised me with Sam’s birth…things I wasn’t exactly prepared for:

The PAIN of being in labor. Holy mother. Unlike anything a person could imagine, unless you’ve been there.

Then there was the, er, sewing up of things in the nether regions. Nope, that didn’t even cross my mind as something that would occur after the birth. That (and the recovery thereafter) was not exactly pleasant and wonderful.

Then there was the amount of BLOOD and mess leftover in the room. Yuck. It looked like a murder scene. Who knew there was so much blood and guts involved in birthing a baby.

Lots of people have asked me if I were to do it again, which method of delivery would I choose, the c-section or the VBAC?? And while I can see merits to scheduling a c-section and having a virtually pain-free delivery of a baby going the surgical route, (and given that my reason for a c-section the first time around was because the baby was breech, and not because of a long drawn out labor or an abnormal uterus or an emergency situation), and even though my natural delivery was extraordinarily painful, I would most definitely go the VBAC route again. The recovery was awesome, and to be able to go through everything without the side effects of medications was well worth it to me. I’m really happy with the way my labor and delivery turned out, and I’m oh so happy to have this sweet little newborn boy in my life.