Sammy- he’s six weeks old today. Can’t believe he’s been in our family that long- it seems like he was just born. I feel like he’s getting bigger by the  minute, changing daily, and looking more and more like his big bro did as a baby.

Some info on 6-week Sam…

–Has already had his first cold, thanks to his snot-spewing brother.

–First cold, combined with 6 week growth spurt, resulted in him wanting to eat non-stop for a few days and sleep very poorly day and night. Today was better, I hope we’re rounding a corner.

–NAPPED, alone, in his crib, for ONE HOUR this morning!

–Has been sleeping in chunks of anywhere from 1.5 to four hours at a time at night. Usually it’s closer to three hours to the T. The first two sleep chunks are relatively peaceful, but once 5:00am hits there’s really no more sleeping to be had.

–Is addicted to the pacifier.

–Is slowly getting over his newborn acne.

–Typically hates the swing, bouncy seat, or being left alone anywhere.

So today, on his 6 week birthday, he granted me the following gifts:

1. The one hour nap alone in crib that I mentioned above.

2. A 3.5 hour nap in his carseat following a stroller ride.

3. An outfit that I didn’t have to change all day.

4. His first tried-and-true social smile directed at ME!! Ryan witnessed it too, it was pretty sweet. (I’ve been begging Sam for days to smile in response to me).

Happy 6 weeks little guy. Mama loves you!

{{This beautiful quilt was made by and gifted to Sam by his wonderfully talented aunt Kim!!}}