A month late- that’s not too bad, is it??

Ryan’s 3rd birthday…we celebrated at our house with burgers and cake and close family and a few friends. We had balloons and a cake decorated with the help of the birthday boy, so he was happy.

The cake: He requested a stacked cake (like dada had!) with green frosting, baseballs, and sprinkles. So that is what he got. Of course, when it comes to me and baking things are always easier said than done, and even though this was a BOXED CAKE, I still ruined the first one and had to bake a second. The green frosting didn’t turn very dark green, and then when I frosted it all the cake crumbs mixed in with the frosting and it ended up looking like a pile of peppermint bon bon ice cream formed into the shape of a cake. Ryan helped me decorate it though, and he thought it was beautiful, so that’s all that mattered. Oh yeah, the sprinkles. He was so excited to shake the sprinkles on. He took off the cover, shook the sprinkles, and half the jar fell out directly into the center of the cake. He couldn’t have been prouder- haha!

The day started off rainy but cleared up in time for the party. We hung out outside; Ry participated in World’s Strongest Man competition by trying to pull the beer-filled cooler around the yard.

Other highlights included the gift opening… Ryan got a keyboard (or piano as he calls it) from Grandma and Grandpa, and a guitar from mom and dad. He also got some new clothes, pjs, a sweet arm-powered ride-on car that FatJ’s uncle built, and some other nice stuff.

I can definitively say that Ry’s fave gift of the evening was the stomp rocket he got from his friend Sophia. Here he is opening it.

And here he is playing with it. The rockets zoomed through the living room, and each time he shot one off Ryan screamed with joy, and then grabbed his crotch. It was hilarious. Wish I had it on video!

{In addition to not making any of the food for this party (except for the cake) I didn’t take hardly any pictures either. Having a 2.5 week old will do that to a person. So thanks to Jen for supplying me with some great pictures of Ry on his birthday!!}

Cake time!! He was so, so excited to be sung to in the dim light. He sang for himself too. Oh, and the other thing he requested were the special ‘magic’ candles- the kind that keep lighting up like a sparkler when you blow them out?? Yeah those. A total bodily hazard for a three year old.

Happy birthday to my little pal!!