Just some pictures of some recent (well, within the past two or three weeks- that’s as recent as things get these days!) goings-on.

The Sam man, getting in some porch time. More pics of him to come- he’s eight weeks old today!

And Ry’s porch time. It consists of many musical numbers.

Remember how I whined about not being able to take a walk ever?? We solved that problem with one of these monstrosities. Next stop- minivan? UM NO.

One day we were walking and came upon this firetruck. The firefighter let Ry hop in the driver’s seat. He LOVED that.

And then we went down to the duck ponds and tossed helicopters while Sam screamed.


I decided over the weekend to do a summertime photo-a-day again this summer. (Last summer’s is here.) This year I thought I’d start it over Memorial Day weekend and end it on Labor Day, because to me those two weekends bookend the summer. I took some pictures both Saturday and Sunday to get things rolling, and then the boys and I came up to Duluth yesterday and I FORGOT MY CAMERA. So I’m already off to a big, fat FAIL for yesterday, but today I borrowed my parents’ camera so we should be good to go for the rest of our time here.