{{Why didn’t anyone tell me what a time suck having two kids is?? Come on people, it’s all about being informed around here!! I’m not complaining because things are going pretty well right now, but jeesh, do I ever have ZERO time to do ANYTHING!! If I’m not holding or nursing a baby, I’m flying on a pretend airplane to the bakery to throw white ducky a birthday party (Ryan has an active imagination, to say the least), while simultaneously trying to make dinner and take a shower. Which, by the way, only happens about every third day. Things are busy, but I can’t seem to ever get anything done. So, sinks remain dirty, floors remain crumb-y, beds remain unmade, baby books remain unwritten in, photos remain unorganized, unordered, unpublished, and blog posts remain unwritten. And I NEVER know what day it is.}}

That said, I’m not sure of today’s date, but on June 6th our littlest manny hit two months. I’m not sure when a baby is technically no longer a newborn, but I’m pretty sure we are out of the newborn stage around here. Which is sort of sad, because newborns are so lovely. I said to FatJ the other day that we’re done with all things newborn- it went by in a flash and like that we missed it. He replied that HE didn’t miss any of it; lived right through every moment in fact. I on the other hand feel it’s gone by in a blur. Could the differences here be that I am roused from slumber three times a night, while daddy dearest snores the night away?

So… Sam. Had him in for his 2 month appointment today. Basically the dude is short and fat, and I mean that in the most loving of ways. I’m also exaggerating. He’s in the 9th percentile for height, and the 29th percentile for weight, at 10lb 15 oz. Otherwise he’s healthy as a horse. He got three shots today, which he hated, and which have resulted in some loud screaminess today. Hope he’s back to normal tomorrow.

In developmental news, Sam started smiling at us as exactly 6 weeks. He smiles a lot when Ryan and I talk to him, and also on the changing pad, which is directly under a skylight and next to a mirror. These two things must be a magical combination for baby smiles, because Ryan always went crazy-happy in there too. Sam’s settled down quite a bit over the past week or two. He’s contented to chill in a bouncy seat or swing for a good number of minutes if he’s well rested and has recently eaten. This is a development that pleases me to no end, because previously I would have to hold him all day, or he would scream. He’s also started sleeping better in his crib or bassinet during the day- yay!! The night sleep is going fine- pretty typical for his age I’d say. He’s up about every 3-4 hours to eat, and once 5:00am hits things go downhill fast. We need to work on that portion of the night. I’m pretty tired, and am looking forward to some longer stretches of sleep (please, little guy??) Okay, I think that’s it. What else can be said about a 2 month old? Here are some pictures.