Did I mention in a recent post that I was going to attempt a photo-a-day challenge again this summer?? Well if not, I am. Which is really quite an amusing challenge for me to take on at this current point in time because, 1.) even though I love taking pictures, entire days can pass without me even thinking I should get out my camera, 2.) my spare time to upload/edit photos is minimal, 3.) I’ve already had about a million FAIL days. But I’m going to keep trucking along, with the hopes that I’ll get out my camera on a daily basis, will practice my photog skills, and will capture the moments and memories from summer 2010. ((Oh and also…a goal of mine is to practice my photog with the DSLR, but so far the majority of the pictures I’ve taken have been with the point and shoot. It’s just so much easier to whip that thing out/tote it along.))

Here’s the new page for this summer’s photo-a-day. I decided that this year I’m going to try this project between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend, because that’s the time period that feels like summer to me. So, I started out on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, and then on Memorial Day I traveled to Duluth for four days, and proceeded to FORGET MY CAMERA. What a way to start out the project, huh?! So basically I’m a month in, have already had many a ‘fail’ day, and am way behind on posting the pictures. But whatever. This’ll be my version of a summer journal for 2010. If I have it completed by Christmas, I’ll consider that good.


Quick pic: He’s cooing!!!! Coo! A-goo!! Totally love him, my little sweetie dude.