July 6th was yesterday, and so our Sam is already three months old. Where has that time gone?? Jeesh!! Three months in to the parenting-two-kids gig and I’m feeling pretty good about things. I mean, the multi-multi-multi-tasking of feeding a baby while making lunch while helping someone go potty becomes second nature after a few weeks. Ryan’s mood and attitude have definitely improved since that first month and a half or so when things were BAD in that department. And we’ve developed somewhat of a semblance of a daily routine around here, in addition to some much needed Daddy/Ryan time and Mommy/Sam time on weekends.

Little Sam is a charmer. He’s a pretty happy baby, smiling ALL the time when he’s in a good mood, and oftentimes when he’s in a bad mood if you can talk him into it. He has a huge wide-grinned smile that he flashes one after the other. No big belly laughs yet, but he has a high-pitched little laugh that accompanies his smiles. He’s already a big talker with lots of coos and a-goos and oooooohs. When Sam gets excited he waves his arms and kicks his feet and shakes and smiles and makes noises- he’s quite the adorable little man. He’s very snuggly and cuddly- loves to be held and be carried around; but he’s also active, and loves to exercise on the changing pad, play mat, or mom and dad’s bed at 6:00am.

That brings me to the next topic…SLEEP. Or lack thereof. I just went back and read this post and this post and now I have proof via blogging that things in the Sleep Habits of Sam have gotten much much worse. What’s up with that- aren’t they supposed to be getting BETTER as the kid gets older?? The up-every-three-hours that I was complaining about a few weeks ago has turned into Sam being up numerous times a night. His first sleep chunk is always the longest, with that being from sometime in the 7:00s to sometime in the 10:00s. He almost always falls asleep just fine after eating, but sometimes after 5 minutes he’s awake screaming. Sometimes it’s after 30 minutes. Sometimes it’s after one hour. If that pacifier falls out and that arm becomes even slightly unswaddled, it’s over. This dude needs to start getting it together when it comes to sleep, or he’s going to have a mama in the Loony Bin. I’m not sure what we’re doing wrong here… should we stop reinserting the pacifier and let him scream it out? Should we just stop swaddling him altogether until he learns how to sleep without it? Should I burn the bassinet and permanently move him into his own room once and for all? I NEED ANSWERS!! My sanity depends on it. Naps are no better. Like I said, I’m pretty vigilant with the 2 hour window of wakefulness during the day and get him down for a nap when he’s showing signs of being sleepy, and he almost always falls asleep just fine. But his naps are 30 minutes long. Or 45, if I’m lucky.

So yeah, thankfully this dude is CUTE as can be!! Sam adores Ryan- stares at him while he heats, while he plays, while he chatters on and on. Ryan loves Sam too. I love to hear big brother using his special baby talk voice to talk to his little bro. Ryan wants Sam to be an interactive baby already, and doesn’t understand why Sam can’t crawl into his cardboard/blanket cave in the basement.

Our baby Sam has super soft, chubby, kissable cheeks. He has lovely light brown peach fuzz hair that’s starting to get a little longer. He has a unique cowlick to his hair and I’m eager to see how it morphs as he gets older.  He has the perfect lips to form an adorable perfect smile, and big blue eyes that sparkle. I love to look at him and hold him and snuggle him and sniff his baby head. His smiles and coos and little laughs are irresistible, even at 3:12am when I’ve been up with him 17 times already.

It’s best I also add a word or two about Sam’s eating habits. This guy LOVES to eat. (I have no idea where he gets that from!) He rarely makes it three hours before wanting to eat again, and he’d hang out eating all day if he could. The BFing continues to go very well. With Ryan I was a very modest BFer, but this second time around I just haven’t had the energy or time to care so much about where I nurse the baby (and seriously no time hardly ever to pump!) so I’ve found myself feeding Sam in a myriad of locations such as the playground, at the dinner table, on the front steps, in the front yard, on a moving pontoon boat, etc. Luckily the guy also loves bottles and he’ll suck one down happily for whoever watches him when I’m not around. So yay yay yay on the eating front!!

We love you little Sammy!! Also known as SamBob, Sammy Boy, Samuel Roberto, SamSam, Sam Man, and Samsy. You’re the cutest little ray of sunshine to light up our family’s days (and nights). Now stop growing up so fast, would ya?? (But please start sleeping better. Love, Your Very Tired Mama.)