I have been trying all day to get on the computer and express my love and devotion to my wonderful husband of ten (yes, TEN!) years!! But, for much the same reason that we are unable to take a European vacation or relive our honeymoon in Belize this summer, I have also not had a moment of time to write a blog post. Nope, no super duper romantic anniversary vacay for us in 2010, but we ARE spending two hours out of the house together tonight to go to dinner. I’m not complaining.

Ten years ago this morning at 2:30am…I was lying awake in my bed unable to sleep because I was so nervous about the wedding. My mom had to come and sleep in my bed with me.

Ten years ago this morning at 9:00something am…I was getting my hair done and feeling nauseous because I was so nervous about the wedding. I had to drink Coke and eat Cheerios so I wouldn’t puke.

Ten years ago RIGHT NOW (I think)…we were in the middle of our wedding ceremony! So crazy! I loved our wedding; it was the most fun wedding I’ve ever been at. As it should be.

We are so old and ancient that when we got married in 2000, no one we knew owned a digital camera. I have no idea who took this photo, but it’s one of the THREE digital pictures we have from that day.

Here’s another I scanned in…

And now? (photo courtesy of Kim)

Happy anniversary honay! Here’s to ten more great ones! Love you!