I’m going to try to blog this super duper quick. Blogging takes up soooooo much time, and I have zero time these days. ZERO.

The Ry Guy- today he’s three and a quarter. So here are some bullet points for this entry in his virtual baby book.

—He’s been back in another mood. I think this might be the “three is the new two” phenomenon shining through. Whoo boy, does this kid ever know how to whine and get under our skin. The last couple weeks he’s spent pretty much the entire day whining about EveryLittleThing. If I ignore him the whining turns to crying and tantruming. Which then turns to Mom Yelling.

—Included in the mood is a great need to be by mommy AT ALL TIMES. ((What? Seriously, we’re back to this again??)) Any little bump, and Ryan comes running and crying to mommy to kiss it. Ryan is very concerned that he’s going to need mommy at all times of the day- when mommy is using the bathroom, when mommy is putting Sam to sleep, when mommy is ‘away’ from Ryan during fake nap. I really really really hope this one is a phase. Because I’m getting a tad tired of needing to reassure him and hug/snuggle him every time I LEAVE THE ROOM.

—Recent sayings: So, how ya doin’ mommy??

It’s a gorgeous day today!

Let’s go play some soccer ball!!

After watching a fair amount of the World Cup, we got Ryan a new soccer ball. He slept with it that first night.

He’s been really into kicking the ball around the front yard. And tomorrow he starts a little Pre-Stars Parent/Child soccer class for 3 year olds. ((OMG, I KNOW!!!))

—Has wanted to play a lot of board games lately. And one day last week spent probably a total of one hour coloring. Yay for coloring!! Still doing lots of imaginary pretend play, and wants mom to play with him all the time.

—Likes swimming and playing in the water. We’ve done a few wading pools this summer.

—Is going through some Sam-jealousy. Tells mom to put Sam down. Tells mom “NO!! Sam does NOT need milk right now!!” Tells mom when Sam wakes up screaming from a nap “That’s okay mommy!!! That’s okay Sam’s crying!! I’ll go put his pacifier back in!! That’s okay! We’ll just keep playing!!” Tends to roughly grab and pull on Sam’s arms and legs. Also uses fingernails to dig into Sam’s (and Mom’s) skin.

—Has been getting up waaaaayy too early (6:30am), and no longer really cooperates for fake naptime. Does that mean naptime is over for him?? Stay tuned…

This summer, Ry’s really enjoyed harvesting stuff from Dada’s garden

Ouch! He’s been getting lots of scrapes and bruises. This was the result of his header while running full speed down a tarred path on a steep hill.

one skinned knee from the dentist-walk injury, the other from the header mentioned above

He loves, LOVES this pink shirt. Tells me pink is his favorite color! (Yay, I do get to dress my offspring in pink after all!)

Afternoon snack time on the porch with brother.

Building a road on a sand volleyball court.

I can’t believe how big he’s getting, and how grown up he looks. And that he’ll be starting preschool in about 6 weeks.