Four months…I love this baby age!! Sam’s a cute and cuddly little bundle of smiles. Not mobile yet, not needing to eat anything besides milk, and is really pretty content to just do whatever. He’s still pretty tote-able, will still fall asleep for a nap in the car seat or your arms when out and about, and is learning how to be a better sleeper. ((Yo, that’s all I’m saying on the sleep topic. The last time I recorded positive sleep happenings in an electronic format I jinxed it all.)) Oh, I will say though, generally speaking, that a single fair-to-good night of sleep (for me) does not equalize the exhaustion of not getting a full night’s sleep for the past four months.

Man, am I ever tired.

Anyway, back to Sam. He’s cute!! Had his 4 month doc appointment the other day, and have learned that his height and weight are evening out. He’s in about the 25% for both, and weighs in at 13lb 9oz. He’s started gawking at food when we’re eating, but I think I’m going to hold off on the solids introduction till closer to 6 months out of sheer laziness. Sam likes to hang out on the floor and look around at stuff, but if given the choice would prefer to be carried around to explore his world. He despises tummy time, and has yet to roll over. He loves watching Ryan play and smiles lots at his big bro, but the minute Ryan gets a little too close and boisterous and screamy, Sam’s face turns beet red, he scrunches it up, and wails. He really does not like the loud noises and beat-downs that Ryan graces him with.

Sam— he’s gotten drooly. He loves gnawing on his hands and sucking on blankies. He’s still a pacifier junkie when it comes to falling asleep. Still likes to be swaddled too. He’s been enjoying some summer frolics on the grass of various parks, and has dipped his toes in a few lakes and pools so far. Oh!! And he loves music class.


Sam + giant cucumber from daddy’s garden

i’ll add more pics later…am much too tired now)