This is kind of a downer post in which I whine. (So what else is new, I’m sure many of you are thinking!)

Oh my GAWD, being a SAHM right now is really driving me crazy. I’ve never had a child in school, but I’m feeling like all those parents say they do as summer wears on. I do NOT want summer to end, but I am really looking forward to Ryan heading off to preschool in a few weeks. So, I thought the terrible twos were hard. REALLY? I THOUGHT THE TERRIBLE TWOS WERE HARD? What the eff, the terrible twos were nothing compared to the Horrid Horrible Whiny Schnarky Manipulative Threes. The screaming, the whining, the fits, the tantrums, the refusal to do things, the outbursts, the aggression. The undying love, yet fierce violence toward mommy. Ditto that toward Sam. Ryan used to sleep in till 7:00 or 8:00, and is now waking up at 5:30. And the minute he wakes up he starts his day by screaming. Screaming for mommy mommy mommy because he NEEDS MOMMY. Everything he says to me is a screamed command, and if I ignore him or walk away or – oh the horrors- STEP OUT OF THE ROOM he just screams louder and louder and louder. I hate to say it, but I basically dread the start of each new day. I dread it when a neighbor strolls into our yard because I know Ryan’s going to start throwing a tantrum the minute my attention is directed elsewhere. I know he’s going to grab my arm and start pulling me away and saying MOMMY STOP TALKING GET OUT OF HERE!!! And that I’m going to look like a horrible parent who can’t control my rude, bratty son.

I spend these long, long days talking to no one except for this three year old who talks incessantly and asks “why” questions like they’re going out of style. I can’t talk on the phone because he has a skit fit and his screaming drowns out any talking I could be doing. Talking to the neighbor folks is out of the question, see above. Even a playdate with other kids and moms- do I get to talk then?? Oh no, no no no. If I spend too much time talking to another adult, again cue screams and fits and hand pulling. I can’t even speak two sentences to Daddy over dinner. Half the time I feel like my only connection to the outside world is email and Facebook, and so during those precious 30 or 60 minutes a day when Ryan watches TV, I get to have my little communicate-with-others fix. It’s sorta like a drug- I look forward to it all day.


I haven’t even mentioned Sam. Poor little Sammy- he gets ignored a lot and is starting to let me know about it. The last few days he’s refused to sit in a swing or bouncer or propped on the couch. He doesn’t want to lie on the floor and kick around, oh no no no. He wants to be held. Held and entertained all day by me. Or Ryan, but Ryan turns to violence and screaming, and Sam does not like that. Sam has also decided he hates napping, AND he hates sleeping well at night. OOooh boy, YAY!! How FUN!!! He likes awakening at 5:30am too.

What else, what else. What else can I complain about?? Ryan had to pee approximately 3,279,342 times this past weekend. Frequent need to urinate; I was sure it was some sort of bladder infection or something. He had a fever over the weekend too. So today I made him a doc appt (with one of the wonky doctors no one likes so that’s why there was actually an appt open), and for once Sam was actually napping and I had to WAKE him up to go, and then we got there and I’m sure we’ve all been exposed to dengue fever or the plague from the hacking that was going on in the waiting room. Ry thought peeing in the cup was the best thing ever; and turns out- no infection. It’s just something called benign (medical term I can’t remember) need to pee constantly. Apparently it’s relatively common for a child this age. Whatev. All I know is that it’s super annoying that he has to pee every 2.5 seconds, and of course he NEEDS MOMMY TO HELP HIM!! And then his UNDERWEAR AND SHORTS ARE BUNCHED UP HELP ME HELP ME!! omg.

I’m ending this post on a positive note. We’re having Grandma Tuesday AND Grandma Wednesday this week!!!!!

Signing off for another great night of sleep…