So much for my resolve to post random updates at the end of the day to document life. I’ve been meaning to blog all week- as in, write a post every day this week just to record the fun we’ve been up to, but here it is the end of Thursday, and now I’m going to try and CRAM all I can into this post. And speaking of cram- I feel like I’ve been hearing a lot of people talking about how they’re trying to cram in lots of summer fun activities into these last few weeks of August. Really, it’s that time already huh? I guess you could say I’ve been cramming summer fun into this week as well. This is officially the final week of “Ryan + Mommy together forever at home alone” time. Preschool phase-in starts next week, and then all the real fun begins the day after Labor Day. Whoa. We’ve been living it up this week.

Monday: We drove out to Hudson, WI to spend some beach time with our friends Weezie and her kids, and our old pal LEILA! Ry had fun playing in the sand and jumping off the dock and riding on an oversized Nemo floaty. Leila is seriously as insane as ever (maybe MORESO now that she lives her dream life??). She constantly shoves a tennis ball at anyone around, on the go go go go go. Have I mentioned how relieved I am that we found such a wonderful home for her? Best. Decision. Ever. And it’s so fun that we’ve been able to stay in touch and visit her, too.

(Here’s Leila with her undies in a super-huge bunch because we hid a tennis ball under that kayak.)

Ry jumps for joy!

Tuesday: I don’t remember what we did this day other than go to Target. We purposely meandered through the toy aisles because I had about 5 kid birthday gifts to buy. As we began our voyage down the Barbie aisle, Ryan announced that these toys are for GIRLS. ????!!!!????!!!!! Um, hello?? Who out there is telling my kid what are boy toys vs. girl toys?? Because it surely isn’t me. I’ve made every effort since day one to buy gender neutral toys and to not ever say anything like “girls play with dolls and boys play with cars” are you kidding me?? So then we had an argument in the Barbie aisle with me saying that yes boys can play with dolls and Ryan saying no boys don’t play with dolls and me saying YES THEY DO. And then we went over to the diaper section and Ryan insisted we get him the pink pull-ups. Take that, gender stereotypes! Anyway, back to the topic at hand. This Target trip was cut short by a screaming Sam, so after our toy adventure I went careening through the grocery aisles throwing things into my cart with wild abandon so we could get out of there. Yeah, it’s really not that fun to take two kids grocery shopping.

Wednesday: Wednesday morning quite possibly ranks right up there as the most enjoyable morning I’ve had all summer. We met our wonderful friends Jen, Sophia and Emily outside the Guthrie and spent some time running around peeking in mirrors, rolling down grassy hills, exploring urban architecture, and strolling the Stone Arch Bridge. I got a $42 parking ticket for an expired meter, but I didn’t even care because we were having such a good time and Ryan was in a GOOD MOOD and the weather was so unbelievably gorgeous (albeit a tad windy). This is one of my favorite places in the city, so it was fun to have such a great time there this week.

If I may, I’d also like to showcase some of Jen’s amazing photos.

Look at that form!

I rarely get pictures of me mothering…I cherish these.

(This is a typical pose for the three of us. While holding Sam, Ryan desperately NEEDS MOMMY immediately. Surprisingly, Jen had to actually ASK Ryan to hug my leg at this moment.)

Sam’s cracking up in this one above.

To conclude, Jen captured this adorable shot. It will be shown at their wedding.

Thursday: Met up with some ECFE friends and their kids at the park. After a breezy and chilly picnic lunch three miraculous things happened: 1.) Ryan played independently with his friend Henry for a LONG LONG time without crying to or whining at or screaming for mommy; 2.) Sam simply fell asleep in the grass when I laid him down to gaze at the trees, and 3.) I was able to converse with another adult human being for a largish chunk of time without being interrupted by a child!

Oh and Sam has a new lady friend. Her name is Charlotte.

So yes, summer fun!! Here’s to good moods, lovely weather, and happy times with friends!!