So Ry had his first day of preschool today and I didn’t even cry. Neither did he. It went pretty well ((I think???!!)). I spent about 10 minutes in his room as he explored the toys and such, and then it was a quick goodbye and a few hugs and kisses, and just as I was about to walk out the door I hear a little voice say mommy??? And I turn around and he’s looking at me with his red face and his saddy eyes and he’s walking towards me and then he says I just need one more kiss. So one more kiss it was and then I was out the door. The kids were there for only 1.5 hours today as a little phase-in. For Ryan’s first day I think that was plenty of time. When I went to pick him up he spotted me outside the door, and before the teacher could dismiss him he was bolting out to me with that same red face and a look like “I’m on the verge of having a meltdown so please pick me up immediately”, which I did. The first thing he wanted to do was go to the bathroom, because even though the whole class had a bathroom break at the same time, Ryan informed me that he did NOT want to go to the bathroom with the other kids, because he needs PRIVACY, and he needed to WAIT FOR MOMMY to go to the bathroom with him. Mmmkay. The next thing he announced to me was that he was starving, to which I asked didn’t you just have a graham cracker snack with your class?? To which he responded NO I WASN’T HUNGRY. Huh? Huh? This is the kid who claims to be hungry 24/7, wants to eat 42 snacks per day, and loves graham crackers. Apparently the first day of school bit was so stressful that he couldn’t even eat? Or pee?? Poor kid.

Anyway, he said he had fun, and he mentioned just a couple other things about his school day, but other than that he didn’t really want to talk about it much.

Some other funny notables from today though…

Me: You did such a great job of being brave today at your new preschool! I’m so proud of you! Aren’t you proud of yourself?
Ry: Uh huh!!! And aren’t you proud of YOURself too, mommy??!!
Me: Yes, yes I am.


Ry: Oh mommy, you are my BEST FRIEND!!


This morning before we left for school, I had taken out a black sharpie marker and was labeling some extra clothing that the kids leave at school in case of accidents. So I labeled all the tags with Ry’s initials, threw everything in a bag, and left. Later in the day, I hear a bunch of clanking in the kitchen, and I walk in to find Ryan carrying around two drinking glasses, a narrower one nested inside of a wider one. And then I see that he has his “I’ve been up to something” look on his face. I asked him what he was doing, and he said he was putting those glasses away in the kitchen. And then I asked where he got those glasses, and he said “on the table.” And then I look at the two drinking glasses that he’s now clanked down onto the kitchen counter, and I see that they are all scribbled over with black sharpie marker. ???? I could understand picking up the sharpie and scribbling on the table. Or the placemats. Or even the wall. But on the drinking glasses?? I was perplexed to say the least. And how could I tell him that markers are used for only writing on paper, when he had just watched me write in marker on his backpack, his socks, the tags to his clothes, etc.??


Finally, this one must be shared. Over the weekend we were sitting down at dinner, and Ryan looks at me and says thank you for life!!!! Now, if those aren’t words every mother wants to hear, I don’t know what are.


Ryan the Preschooler, Day 1:

It was no surprise he chose to wear this shirt today. He LOVES this shirt. Headphones shirt, it’s called. Old Navy special. He wears it all the time. Bluey the baba had to come along too, but he waited in the car.