Whew, that month sure flew by fast. Didn’t I just write a 4 month post? I just went back and read Sam’s 4 month post, and it appears that lots can change in a month’s time, especially when you’re a rapidly developing infant.

Sam is super smiley and giggly and happy…sometimes. He’s smiley and giggly and happy for a few moments, and then he’ll get annoyed that he’s in the same position doing the same thing and he’ll get whiny. He likes to move around. See new things. He also has the cutest, most adorable pouty lip that he pulls out when he gets traumatized. Not all-out traumatized, but “you’re a stranger and why are you talking to me?” traumatized. I must capture a picture of the pouty lip. He scrunches up his face and pouts silently for a moment before the cry erupts. It’s so funny- I laugh every time he does it. I’m pretty sure we’ve officially created another mama’s boy, although I’m trying hard to get Sam to be really into daddy. If daddy’s holding Sam, out pops the pouty look as Sam gazes at me from daddy’s arms.

Although I was going to hold off till the six month mark due to sheer laziness, Ryan and I got bored one evening when FatJ was working his one zillionth hour for the month of August, and we gave Sam some rice cereal. So far he’s tried it twice, and he’s not been impressed. We’ll keep working on it, but I’m not going to focus too much energy on the solids till he reaches 6 months. Oh! And Sam is a picky bottle drinker. He will NOT drink a bottle if it is cold, cool, or room temp. His milk must be warmed, OR ELSE.

Sam started rolling over this month. He’s gone both ways- tummy to back, and back to tummy, but luckily he isn’t rolling around the room yet. Basically he rolls onto his tummy and then gets angry and grunt-screams about being on his tummy. He’s not into swinging like his big brother was, and hasn’t enjoyed the Bumbo much either.

Sleep. At the 4 month update Sam’s sleep habits were going downhill fast. I was getting willing to try Cry it Out, and received encouragement on the matter from the pediatrician. The first night of CIO was stumbled upon by accident. I was doing bedtime for both kids, Ryan was in the middle of his routine, and Sam was screaming in his crib. By the time I was done putting Ryan to bed, Sam was silent (and asleep!) and he slept till 5:00am! During the past month he’s been waking 1-2 times per night to eat, and in the past week he’s been sleeping 12 hours!! The nights still aren’t super consistent…he’ll sleep 12 hours for four nights in a row, and then he’ll be up four times the next night, and then once the night after that. But it’s so much better! This guy is a much earlier riser than Ryan ever was, waking in the 5:00s or 6:00s each morning (and sometimes/sometimes not going back to sleep.) On the other hand, JUST like Ryan, Sam is a poor napper. If he takes three 45 minute naps a day, I consider that a good day. And then he’s in bed by 6:00pm.

Anyway, he’s a super cute and funny little man. He’s starting to get interested in Ryan’s toys, and LOVES LOVES LOVES watching Ryan play and goof off. Photos from the past month…

dipping toes in the big lake, and didn’t even cry!

tummy time!

first rice cereal

Sam and mom

must. practice. standing.

he gets this scrunched up forehead look from me

finally, I got a good picture of the two of them together!

5 month birthday pics!…

here’s that brow again

Happy five months little Sammy. Stop growing up so fast!