I should do a post like this every night. Just some tidbits about the dudes…

Dude #1:

May not return alive from a 40 mile mountain bike race in northern Wisconsin this weekend. I have faith- he can do it!!


Is experiencing a major life upheaval due to the recent start of preschool. Don’t get me wrong- he’s really liking his class, the teacher, and the activities, but the big transition to the world of academia has him wetting his pants at school (everyday) and now at home, too. Oh goody!! {Will I EVER be done potty training this child?} In addition, just when we thought he was turning over a new leaf in the Saga of Age Three (we had one good week in there!) he goes and starts preschool and BAM, is once again a bear to be around. He’s a perfect angel at school, and then the moment he gets around mommy he morphs into some sort of maniacal animal. What can I say? I guess I bring out the best in people. Tonight I finally caved and let him have his first piece of gum EVER. Let’s just say he is clearly not ready to make gum chewing a regular habit. The wad was swallowed in about 20 seconds, as I stood there watching him chew and telling him “just chew it just chew it, then spit it out!!!” After he swallowed it he started crying that he would then get a stomachache.

Dude #3:

Is at that fun stage where he’s learned how to roll over, and finds himself  ‘beached’ on his stomach 23 times per night. Hasn’t figured out it’s quite comfortable to sleep on the stomach, so there’s a lot of screaming and me flipping him back over going on. He’s been eating rice cereal- some days likes it, some days hates it. Gags on it if made with (god forbid) WATER, and won’t eat it unless it’s WARMED. Is this a preview of pickiness to come? Aye. Also, he took his first ride in a swing today at the park. So cute!

And me?? I’m tired.

{{Photo credits of Dudes #1 and #3 go to Ryan}}