Ryan has PICTURE DAY tomorrow. Really? Preschool pictures? Really?? They’re being taken by one of the usual big-box, faux-background photography companies that go around to all the schools. Each child ‘gets’ to pose in front of two backgrounds, one of which must be Woodland Charm, a lovely autumnal/apple harvest themed backdrop. And then you get to pick from one of four plain colors for your other backdrop. I cannot wait to see how these bad boys turn out, especially since Ryan goes to school each day with major bed head and outfits he’s chosen for himself that don’t match.


Here’s something funny: Back in May I was so delusional that I thought I could successfully complete a Summer 2010 photo-a-day. My summer was spent dealing with an insane-o three year old and a newborn. I averaged five hours of sleep a night. Take a picture everyday? Upload pictures regularly? Touch them up? Post them to the blog?? HAHAHAHAHAHA. I made it through the month of June. The rest is incomplete. I’d really like to spend some time updating for July and August, just to have a record of our zany crazy summer, but I’m not sure how long it would take me. Is trying to get it done by Christmas asking too much?


Some photos:

{{The other weekend, FatJ rode in the Cheq Fat– a 40 mile mountain bike race in northern Wisconsin. He and Ry were washing all the caked-on mud from his bike. And then they tooled around on the sidewalks for a bit. For more insight into the Cheq Fat ride, and other biking related nonsense, please check out Powered By Nutrolls.}}

Ry was having a great time this evening. He was in a really good mood.

And the Sam-Man. He’s ThisClose to sitting up unassisted. Took a pic of him sitting up yesterday out in the grass, and the instant I snapped the shutter he toppled over and landed face-first upon a pointy stick. These beached whale shots are still amongst the safest.