I better get this post out there before he turns 7 months.

At six (and a half) months, our little Samuel…

…continues to be smiley and happy and giggly (except for when he’s not. He’s also sort of whiny/crabby a lot too, esp when mommy’s not around). He busts out into huge grins when he sees someone smiling at him, and does this really cute thing where he’ll laugh and then dive into the neck of whoever’s holding him at the time in this shy sort of way.

…is still an erratic night sleeper. Typically wakes 1-3 times a night. Requires pacifier re-insertion at least once. Eats once (sometimes twice) per night. We’ve resorted back to cry it out some nights lately, because up 3 times a night is just too much. No matter what, this dude is ALWAYS awake around 5:00am, and thankfully, usually goes back to sleep till at least 6:30, sometimes 7:30.

…seems to be consolidating naps and developing a better nap pattern. I started sleeping him on his stomach for naps, noticing that he sleeps much longer on his tummy! Takes two naps, sometimes three. Naps are anywhere from 40 mins to 2 hours, just depends. Naps often require a pacifier reinsertion or two as well.

…is a major pacifier sucker! He will not fall asleep without sucking on that pacifier. Gets super mad if it falls out in the night (oh so annoying.) He uses the paci sometimes when he gets really worked up during the day and nothing else is working to calm/quiet him down, but I try to limit its use to those times. ((I really don’t know how to raise a pacifier baby!))

…loves nursing. And when I say ‘loves nursing’, what I mean is I HAVE A BABY WHO NOW REFUSES TO TAKE A BOTTLE. He had been doing just fine with a bottle. Grandma was babysitting- took a bottle fine. Daddy had Sam- took a bottle fine. Right around 6 months a few different people tried giving Sam a bottle, and he refused. I tried it- he refused. We’ve tried different times of day, different people giving it to him, different nipple flowage levels, and nothin’. This development is a bit hard for me because up until now he’d take a bottle fine, so I could be gone for a number of hours without having to worry about getting home. Now Sam just wants to nurse, and even though he’s taken to solids quite well, he gets REAL ornery if he’s hungry for that which only mom can provide, and mom is not there to provide it. [[Needless to say, today I gave him a sippy cup of water to try out. We’ll roll with that and see where it takes us.]]

…loves to eat!! He was initially a little slow to come around to the idea of ‘solid’ foods, but now is devouring baby cereal and pureed veggies & fruits 2 or 3 times a day. So far he’s tried the rice and oatmeal cereal, and pureed green beans, sweet potatoes, squash, applesauce, bananas, pears, and prunes. Loves it all!

…is sitting up like a champ.

…looks like a beached whale when on his belly. He arches his back and flails his arms and legs. Pushes up on his hands but isn’t anywhere near crawling yet (whew.)

…has taken a break from rolling over. Will go from back to stomach sometimes, but never stomach to back.

…has gotten real squealy and screechy.

…loves to be naked.


Morning of his 6-month b-day…enjoying October’s gorgeous weather

Hangin’ with mama. Photo taken by Ryan.

He looks so much like his daddy, it’s not even funny.

Didn’t really enjoy this pumpkin-sit while at the orchard.