CAN I do it, is really the question.

November is the ‘official’ National Blog Posting Month. I’ve done it the past 2 or 3 years, and really like having a whole month of randomness to look back on. Doing it this year wasn’t even in my radar, until my friend Juani asked me if I wanted to do a post-a-day on our she’s the only one who ever posts! shared food, etc. blog. And my answer was pues… (directly translated= um…). As is quite obvious, I haven’t really been doing much blogging of late. The thought of posting everyday next month is a bit intimidating, especially if I post everyday on this blog AND 50% of the time on the other blog.

But hot damn, a person needs goals!! So I’m thinking about doing it. Should I do it? Can I do it? Does anyone want to read it?? Or will I just stress myself out and feel like a failure when November 30 rolls around?

If I do it, does anyone want to join me?? Come on, this could be a great way to revitalize your deadened blogging!!