Halloween greetings from (l-r):

Ryan, dressed as a puppy-faced pumpkin with pumpkin costume removed;
Bumpy Pumpkin, carved exactly like the front page of the Variety section from two days ago;
FatJ, pumpkin carver extraordinaire;
me (not pictured).

He had his face painted like a dalmation puppy today at this Halloween fun fest thing. As the afternoon went on the makeup deteriorated and started looking a bit on the gory side. Ryan could not understand why passersby kept saying “ooooh SCARY!” when they’d see him. Puppy faces aren’t SCARY mommy! Why does everyone keep saying SCARY when they see me?? I didn’t have the heart to tell him he was starting to look like Frankenstein. Or something.

I took this shot a couple weeks ago when the weather was gorgeous. Ryan saw how adorable Sam was in his baby pumpkin costume, and then decided HE wanted to be a pumpkin, too! Oh the innocence, I just want to eat it up.