Just have a couple pictures from yesterday’s Halloween festivities. We went over to Grandma and Grandpa’s house for their annual chili party. Here are my pumpkins

The pumpkins were joined by a small giraffe

Sam was about as impressed with wearing a pumpkin costume as Ryan was at that age. Sam has napped terribly the past few days and has had fitful nights of sleep because he’s getting a cold, so he wasn’t his usual chipper self.

When we got home I put Sam to bed and Ry and FatJ headed out trick or treating. Ryan was really excited to go this year, and remembered everything about it from last year. He and daddy hit up our block, and then they came back home and I took Ry to a few more houses. I had to remind him EVERY time to say trick or treat, and whenever I’d say “what do you say Ryan?” he’d shout out THANK YOU!, even if it was just as the people were opening the door, haha. He filled up one whole pumpkin bucket, and then he was content to head back home. As we were walking back, he says to me “mommy!! Daddy said he doesn’t eat candy anymore, so when we get home you and I can eat one piece of candy, okay?!!!” That sure was news to me that daddy is no longer eating candy! When we got home he picked out a Starburst, ate the two pieces, and then when I had a SECOND piece of candy, he picked out a dum dum, and then that was that, he didn’t even beg or try and sneak more candy. His candy bucket is ‘sleeping’ in his room with him though. And just like last year, he loved handing out candy at our door.


It’s the first day of National Blog Posting Month!! So far the only people I know of who are blogging everyday this month are my friend Jen of Hey, Buddy Man, Gina of Beanski, and Jen (and I) of She Said. She Said.