As of October 25, we have a three and a half year old in our midst. I just went back and read this post from six months ago when he turned 3. And, well…some things never change? But some things do, like his appearance. He’s grown a lot taller in the last six months. His face has thinned out some. And he’s looking…old. Like an old, mature kid. But he’s still so sweet and innocent and little. And he’s still very THREE. But at least things have tilted a little more towards the ‘equilibrium’ lately, rather than the ‘DISequilibrium’ that we had going on during the summer months.

So at 3.5, Ryan…

  • Has a lot of energy. And exuberance. And ENERGY. Everything he does is loud, noisy, vivacious. There’s no mistaking when he’s home. He likes to make his presence known by running around, stomping his feet, banging things, shouting, singing, pounding on drums, screaming, etc. And those are just the things he does when he’s in a GOOD mood. You don’t want to see him in a bad mood.
  • Loves playing games (Candyland, Memory, I Spy, and various other games). Loves to invent games and make mommy and daddy play them. Has a very active imagination. Likes to pretend that his bed is a car/train/boat, likes to travel to various locations. Invents an imaginary life for his favorite stuffed animal, Teddy. Teddy thinks that red means go and green means stop, mommy!! Teddy lives in the apartment building by the bakery. I sat on Teddy’s lap to go down the slide. Teddy’s a baby. Teddy gets a tummy ache when he eats too many M&Ms and he has to go to the hospital. See what I mean about the cute, sweet innocence? Love it!
  • Has become very interactive with Sam. Will get down on the floor and play with Sam for a few minutes. Talks to Sam about his imaginary scenes he has going on. It’s obvious Ry thinks Sam is pretty cute and cuddly (just like I do!) because he’s always wanting to hug him and snuggle him and pinch his chubby cheeks. Ryan is very physical with his love for Sam- sort of like how he’s very physical with his love for me. Sam and I are constantly hit, pinched, poked, and flicked throughout the day. If I had a nickel for how many times a day I say “please be gentle, Sam doesn’t like that” I’d be rich. I don’t know if it’s a continuation of the jealousy, or if this aggressive love is just how Ry rolls right now, but there’s a lot of physical stuff towards Sam that results in Sam tipping over, getting hurt, and crying. Ah, brothers.
  • Is still obsessed with me. Mama’s boy just doesn’t even begin to describe it. He tells me he loves me multiple times a day. He tells me I’m his favorite pal and his best mommy. It’s so sweet! (Except when he’s in a foul mood and he careens through the house screaming MOMMYMOMMYMOMMY I NEED MOMMY!!!)
  • Tries to get someone (usually me) to play with him This gets seriously old, fast. If I actually am playing with him, and I get up from the playing area to, let’s say, throw away a tissue, he almost immediately flips out and shouts mommy come back here! You need to keep playing with me! Don’t leave! He then proceeds to do a headstand on the couch, punch Sam in the arm, and whip his blankey in my face, in that order.
  • Still has Bluey the blankie as his numero uno security object. (Must record this for the history books- Bluey got left at Dairy Queen the other day under Grandma Mary’s watch! An emergency trip to DQ was made by Grandma. Thankfully she was able to recover the lost baba.)
  • Still loves music, dancing, going to music class, strumming guitar with daddy, and making up songs.
  • Loves trying new things. Seems to get bored really fast doing the same old, same old.
  • Is doing awesome at preschool. He loves going everyday, likes his teachers, and has made new friends. He’s also become more social and outgoing since preschool’s started.
  • Has become quite the little bicyclist. I’ll do a whole post on this very soon. Daddy’s really glad to have a biking pal in Ryan.

Ry, I love your excitement and your zeal for life! You find awe in so many things, and love sharing your experiences with others. You have the most joyful smile and your excitement lights up your face. You’re my favorite Ryan, by Bestie in the Westie, and I love you a ton! Sincerely,

Mama/Mommy/Mom (as you’ve started calling me. Mom?! You’re getting too grown up, dude!)