Sam, at seven months:

Is a master sitter. I love that he has mastered sitting. I can plop him on the floor with some toys and a couple pillows behind him for good measure, and he’s happy as a clam. He is especially entertained if Ryan’s in the vicinity playing. He loooooves watching big brother Ryan. He giggles and laughs at Ry when he dances or talks or pretty much does anything.

Is not yet mobile, and I so do not yet care. Has given up on the rolling in favor of the sitting up. But lately, from a sit, he’s been lunging forward and finding himself on his stomach. Or if he flops over backwards onto his pillow guards, he’ll sometimes roll over onto his stomach. Tummy time doesn’t last long for Sam- he screeches about it almost immediately. And is still doing the beached whale arm and leg flailing.

Is down to two naps a day. Naps are sometimes short, sometimes long. He’s usually in bed between 6:00 and 7:30pm. He had a great stretch this week of sleeping 12 hour nights for about five nights in a row. But then that spell was broken and he’s back to waking 1-2 times a night.

Sam loves to be naked. He gets happily spastic whenever I take his clothes off. He kicks his legs a mile a minute and waves his arms and laughs like a crazy guy. It’s the cutest thing ever. He also has the most adorable baby chub thighs. And laughs his head off if you zerbert them.

Speaking of diaper changes…the second the tapes have been pulled off the diaper and that thing is opened up, Sam’s hand is immediately down playing around with his man-parts. Jeesh. BOYS.

I believe Sam may be the only baby in recorded history to actually LIKE having his face washed with a washcloth. Washing his face is sure to bring on the giggles and coos and laughs. He does the same when you wipe off his hands.

He’s been enjoying all things culinary. He’s eating three ‘meals’ a day now, consisting of baby cereal and a variety of homemade purees and regular babyfood. He’s dining on the regular garden-variety applesauce, and has tried sucking on apple slices, pickles, pears, and even a carrot. He seems to like all the food he’s tried so far, but is maybe a little slower warming up to new tastes (and a little more gaggy) than his big bro was. Oh- I gave him some Puffs the other day and he had no idea what to do with those. We’ll keep working on that!

Sam pretty much just goes with the flow around here. He’s a very joyful and adorable little manny with a chubby belly and funny hair, and I love the guy to pieces. Can’t believe how fast he’s growing.

usual spot on the floor…usual pillow supports