1. A photographer/blogger that I like reading (but whose posts always form a back-log in my reader) does a Top 10 for Tuesday thing, so I thought I’d try that today.

2. Even though we have snow on the ground now, I’ve managed to get us all out of the house the past few days for bike rides. (Well he rides, I walk). I’m determined to keep taking walks/rides until the sidewalks are impassable with the bike/stroller, or the temps get unbearable, whichever comes first.

3. Ryan was begging me on Sunday to go sledding after the snowfall. I said no because I didn’t want to walk all the way back home to get our sled, AND because I did not want to sled down a bumpy hill in a plastic sled and injure my tailbone.

4. Today Ryan got to try his hand at sledding with a few neighbor kids. He was snowpants-less and boot-less because this was an unexpected activity during our walk, but he had a blast all the same. And my tailbone was saved from injury.

5. Made chocolate chip cookies today. Licked the beaters. Ate the dough. Devoured probably six cookies. If it’s a broken cookie, it doesn’t count as ‘a cookie.’

6. I should probably be kicked out of my book club. I made it maybe 50 pages into this month’s read, and then gave up the other night when I was able to snag a copy of The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest from my father-in-law. (And now, when I could be reading, instead I’m stuck on this computer blogging because of my November promise!)

7. Sit down for this one: FatJ and I are going to a concert tomorrow night. At First Ave. A rock concert. HAHAHAHA, I know. We’re going to see a band called Cloud Cult. I know nothing about their music, except that they like to sing about traveling safely. Apparently FatJ is a big fan of theirs. And wanted to bring ME to the concert. Can’t wait to report back on this one.

8. The last concert I went to was Pearl Jam at the Target Center in 2001 or so.

9. I once body surfed during the Violent Femmes concert at Pinestock my freshman year in college. That ruled.

10. One last thing: check out this sa-weet blog that was featured today on WordPress’ Freshly Pressed.