One of the things I really like about blogging is being able to go back and read old posts. I don’t do it that often, but every now and then I get caught up in reading my old stuff, and just like that an hour will be gone. I also like to look back on developmental/kid stuff of Ryan’s, now that we have Sam and he’s going through the same stages. Recently when I was reading some posts from last November, I thought it would be fun to do an update on some things.

Almost exactly a year ago, I posted this baby pics post of Sam’s 20 week ultrasound.  UPDATE: A year later, voila!

Last November I did a tft on playing with your kids.  UPDATE: Wow, practically nothing has changed in this arena. Ryan still wants me to play with him ALL.THE.TIME. I do have to say he’s maybe gotten a little better at instigating his own imaginative play, and I try my hardest to keep myself scarce during those moments because the minute he sees me it’s hey mommy! here’s your front loader! Now you can scoop up these blocks and drive them right over there to the dump and then THIS is your spaceship and you can run around the room and fly it to the moon with me!! Okaaaaay??!!! I wish I could add intonation to a blog post, because Ryan’s intonation is the cutest thing, and it’s so hard to say no to the dude. But nothing really has changed for me from a year ago- I still don’t want to play! Things I can handle and like doing with Ryan include: reading books, coloring, cooking, cleaning, household “work” projects (I tell him he’s a worker man and he has the important job of assisting me.) Things I lose patience for after about 2 minutes: the imaginative, make-believe play; made-up fake games; anything he’s capable of doing himself but insists that I must do WITH him (a.k.a. puzzles for 18 month olds); watching kid TV. SERIOUSLY, you guys. Me putting on the TV for 30-60 minutes a day has been the ONLY way I can get a respite from his incessant need to BE with me at all times. And now? He’s started throwing these tantrums and turning off the TV if I’m not sitting there glued next to him on the couch. Oh, and I can’t be glued next to him on the couch reading a magazine or using the computer. I must be WATCHING the show, WITH MY EYES.

Ignore the watch (I got a Skagen), ignore the maternity swim wear (gah!), but remember the decor post about Ry’s big boy room? His room is all fine and dandy, but Sam’s needs some work. Poor second child basically just inherited the same old train quilt hanging on the wall, same crib, same rug, same Twins mobile, same furniture. The room is exactly the same as when Ry lived there, minus some wall decor. So it looks rather barren. I haven’t done anything to it since the kid was born. I haven’t been inspired by anything, so it remains as-is.


I was going to do more, but I’m working on a new machine tonight and it’s taking me twice as long to blog because now I’m on a Mac (vs. that crappy ThinkPad I’ve been using). The Mac is fun:)