Five or so months ago FatJ happened upon my About page. And then he laughed out loud, and said “you probably need to update that.” Let’s review and edit, shall we?

Hi. My name is Anne. (Yes, this is still valid.)

A little about me: I’m married to a fabulous man (okay yup, still valid), we live in a fabulous city (yes), and we have one fabulous little boy, named Ryan. (A few changes needed here. We DO have a little boy, his name IS Ryan. I’m not sure this adjective ‘fabulous’ is fitting him right now, however. In addition, we also have a second little boy named Sam.) I have one un-fabulous dog, named Leila. (Omit this entire sentence).

Presently, I’m an active participant in stay-at-home-mommyhood. (Yes, I’m still employed in this capacity.) In my previous life I spoke Spanish (sort-of) well, taught elementary ESL, acquired a Master’s Degree, and enjoyed traveling the world. (uh huh, yup). I love to read, and dapple in some extremely amateur photography. (Yup, this is all still valid. [I think my photog has gotten better though!]) I hate sports. (check)

I started blogging because I like to write, and a few people have told me I’m good at it. (Change of adjective here? Tense? I feel the quality of my writing has gone way downhill. I blame lack of sleep.) It’s also been a great way to keep family and friends up to speed with our lives and the happenings of our little dude. (Change this to plural; Blogging is also a great way for ME to record the day to day minutiae of my life for my own nostalgic purposes. An online baby book for my kids, too.)

Oh, and most importantly, I love to eat. (indeed!) I do not like to cook (I don’t mind it if I have time. And silence. And low levels of chaos.), but I do love to eat. And so does my family. So the name of my blog- FatJ- is partly a tribute to all things fatty and divine. (I don’t blog much about food. My headers used to be food pictures, but I’ve kind of given up on that. If you want to read my thoughts on food, I post every now and then at She Said. She Said.)


Why is your blog called FatJ?

FatJ was a nickname that my husband had in college (apparently he gained a little more than the Freshman 15). Way back before blogging was cool, the husband started up his own blog, and coined it “FatJ.” Once blogging started to become cool, he got tired of it, and the blog remained idle for a good many months. I decided to take over his blog, and kept the name as-is. Since then, I’ve ditched the old self-made blog in favor of a wordpress blog, but I decided I liked the uniqueness of the name FatJ, so it remains. When I blog, I refer to my husband as FatJ. But no, that does not mean that the theme of my blog is my husband. The name FatJ also represents the eating that we like to do. (This is all still valid)

Are you sarcastic?

Yes. (Yes)

Can I submit a fabulous-looking food picture to you for use as a blog header?

Yes, please do. (Yes, you may.)

May I please adopt your well-behaved and angelic pet?

Yes. (Too late, she’s already been adopted.)