AAaaaAAAAaack. I have zero possibilities for a photo to use for our holiday card this year. I mentioned we attempted a family shot on Thanksgiving (and it failed). Today I tried taking some pics of my two kids together and that was an atrocious fail as well (but it did keep Ryan occupied for awhile, AND he said CHEESE every time I pointed the camera at him!) It is nearly impossible to photograph a three year old and a seven month old together and have them both looking normal. I’m not sure if I should keep trying to get a good photo of the two of them, or if I should just slap something together using separate pictures of the two.

((And again, why does this even matter? Why is the dang holiday photo card such a big deal?? There are even ARTICLES about it in the daily newspaper!)) (I blogged about this same topic two years ago- the snail mail holiday card.)

Feel free to chime in…

Have you ordered your holiday cards yet? What type of photo are you using? Should I KEEP TRYING to get a shot of the two dudes together? (Any tips for me?) And, why do we care so much about the dang holiday card?