A friend and I were just talking about this over the long weekend- and I just so happen to be hosting a playdate today- so I thought this a timely topic this Thursday.

We’re talking about playdates, and whether or not they stress you out. Do playdates make you anxious? Or am I (and my friend Jen L. from Duluth, MN) alone here? Because I personally find playdates to be stressful. Don’t get me wrong- I like having other parent-friends and their kids over, I just don’t think it’s ever a very relaxing experience to try and juggle mom conversation (what’s that, anyway?), kid needs, kid tantrums, sharing issues, and the general craziness that ensues when a bunch of babies/toddlers/kids interact in the same room.

What do you think? Hosting a playdate- stressful, or no big thing? Would you rather host or attend a playdate? And do you have any tips or tricks up your sleeve for ensuring that things go smoothly?

(BTW- the word playdate bugs me. If I’m having one friend and her kid(s) over, I just call it ‘coming over to play.’ But if multiple parents with their multiple children are coming over, then I tend to use playdate, even though the term bugs me.)